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Family-Owned Manufacturing Plant

Approved for Hygienic Control

Chairs are Environmentally Tested

ETL Certified for Safety (incl. plumb. & elec.)

T4 Spa Sells Innovation with Pedicure Chairs

There are many benefits to purchasing a spa chair from T4 Spa. First, we elegantly design each one by hand at our family-owned manufacturing plant. This is done to control their quality and so we can implement any new innovative designs without any hassles. For example, we took the lead with Wet Jet technology and incorporated this into our chair designs. Each chair is tested to ensure their environmental-friendliness, hygienic control and is ETL certified for safety. This includes all plumbing and electrical equipment associate with the chair. Contact us today for an exquisite pedicure chair.

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T4 Spa has a Spa Chair for You

Come to T4 Spa for a spa chair that is handcrafted and environmentally-friendly. We create each one at our family-owned manufacturing plant using our vast expertise. We test each chair to make sure they are environmentally-friendly and approved for hygienic control. In addition, they are ETL Certified for safety including for plumbing and electricity. Come to us today and get a chair for your spa!

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