T4 Spa has Innovatively-Designed Pedicure Chairs for Sale

t4 spa has pedicure chairs for sale

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Family-Owned Manufacturing Plant

Environmentally Tested

Approved for Hygienic Control

ETL Certified for Safety

T4 Spa Implements Innovation when Creating Chairs for Pedicures

If you want pedicure chairs for sale that are elegantly designed, environmentally tested, approved for hygienic control, and ETL certified for safety, then come to T4 Spa today. We implement innovation in each and every chair we produce. It goes along with our reputation for producing quality products using our expertise in manufacturing. Our manufacturing plant is family-owned and operated, so you can count on handcrafted eminence for our pedispa chairs. We have included a one-year warranty on our chairs and have taken the lead in adopting Wet Jet Technology for our chairs. This has a whirlpool effect along with a magnetic mechanism that allows for a no-pipe design. Because the chair is pipeless, organic contamination is therefore eliminated. Contact us today for more information.

T4 Spa Concepts & Designs

5950 Corporate Drive

Houston, Texas 77036


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