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Pipeless Pedicure Chairs And Other Trends In The Spa Industry

Posted June 11th , 2014 by Tammy Gee
It’s important that you stay current on all of the trends within the spa industry. There is a lot of competition and if you are going to have pedicures on your list of services, you want to make sure you are offering the things that people are reading about in beauty and fashion magazines. This will be the only effective way to compete with the other spas – and pipeless pedicure chairs need to be where people sit down.
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Come to T4 Spa Today for an Innovative Pedispa

pedispaA pedispa from T4 Spa is a top-of-the-line product that is manufactured in our family-owned and operated plant. We handcraft our chairs so we can control their quality and have the flexibility to invent new designs. In addition, we have a strong commitment to safety. We have eliminated the use of jet pipes in our chairs by adopting wet jet technology that produces a strong whirlpool effect. Combined with a magnetic component, there is no need for holes or a drilling system. Since pipes are eliminated, so is the organic contamination. Our chairs are environmentally friendly, hygienic control approved and ETL certified for safety. Visit us today and let us create a pedicure chair for you.

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For a Pedicure Chair for Sale, Choose T4 Spa

pedicure-chair-for-saleIf you want a pedicure chair for sale, but want something made with class, veracity and every ounce of creativity possible, choose T4 Spa. We are innovators when it comes to creating chairs designed for pedicures. We handcraft our chairs at our family-owned manufacturing plant, so you can count on their structural integrity and quality. Our company has adopted wet jet technology, which consists of an encased propeller system that produces a powerful whirlpool effect. It combines a magnetic component with no holes or drilling system and also eliminated the need for jet pipes. This eliminates organic contamination. Each of our chairs are tested for environmental friendliness, approved for hygienic control and are ETL certified for safety.

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T4 Spa has Handcrafted Pedicure Chairs for Sale

pedicure-chairs-for-saleT4 Spa is a leader when it comes to providing pedicure chairs for sale. For years, we have remained at the forefront of the U.S. Beauty Industry thanks to our commitment to innovation, customer service and integrity. Our Research and Development Team is one of the best and they continually look for ways to enhance the pedicure experience through our state of the art chairs. We handcraft each one delicately, so we are in complete control of their quality. Our company owns all of the designs and processes that go into creating our chairs and they are manufactured at our family-owned plant. We also ensure their quality by making our chairs environmentally sound, approved for hygienic control and are ETL-certified.

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T4 Spa Offers the Best in Pedicure Chairs

pedispaImagine getting the pedicure of your dreams in luxurious pedicure chairs that include the Human Touch massage chair component, is environmentally friendly and is ETL-certified for your safety. That dream can come true when you come to T4 Spa. We employ a team of professionals that have a combined 35 years of experience within the U.S. Beauty Industry. Each chair is handcrafted in order to control their quality. By providing quality products, service and integrity, we have become a leader in the pedispa sector of the U.S. Beauty Industry. At our family-owned manufacturing plant, we are constantly seeking innovation for the next big feature.

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